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Washing up has never been more flexible!

With the Adora, you have as much space as you need. For large gatherings, parties that last all night, creative cooking and baking, or long days at the office.

The ergoPlus cutlery drawer

The newly developed drawer provides an ergonomic solution for stacking cutlery. Items of cutlery can be positioned in an organised way without touching each other, so the dishwasher can get them really clean with minimal scratching. The drawer adds a third loading level above the upper basket. However, it is designed to allow a row of long-stemmed glasses to be placed in the upper basket if required.

Four cup racks

In the Adora SL 60 models, there is room for four glass or cup racks in the upper basket. The cups and glasses rest at an angle and do not touch, allowing the water to be fully drained away for perfectly clean dishes with no marks.

Foldaway glass holders

The foldaway glass holders, part of the multifunction shelves in the upper basket, provide a secure place for tall wine and beer glasses.

Multifunction shelves for cups

The multifunction shelves are ideal for coffee cups and small glasses.

Lower basket for glasses

A lower basket for glasses is available as an accessory. It can hold up to 26 glasses and 10 cups. The basket is ideal for day-to-day life in the office or if you often have large groups of people over. It is suitable for all convenience levels in the Adora range.

Easy prongs

The Easy prongs are used to position tall glasses, baby bottles or carafes. They provide a secure hold and protection.

Height-adjustable upper basket

The upper basket comes with several height settings: you can move it to one of seven different positions in a single movement, even when it’s loaded. This creates room for large items in the upper or lower basket as required.

Lower basket with MultiFlex zone

A folding flap mechanism allows the four rows of prongs in the lower basket to be folded up in a single movement. This creates a large surface that is particularly good for holding large platters, pans, bowls, steam cooker accessories or even cups and glasses.

Extra-height models

The Adora extra-height dishwashers with cutlery drawer offer an amazing amount of space. They have room for 14 place settings, including 39 plates, 3 large bowls, 1 platter, 14 cups, 14 saucers, 14 glasses and 72 items of cutlery.

Interior lighting

Why switch on the kitchen light at night just to put a glass in the dishwasher? With the new, pleasant LED interior lighting with SL convenience level, this is no longer necessary. Four interior LED lights make loading and unloading the dishwasher easier. Fully integrated models are also equipped with a practical FunctionLight: an LED display fitted into the side of the door informs you when the programme is finished.

Sliding plate

The Adora also offers flexibility and convenience for specialist installers. To make installation even easier, dishwashers can be ordered from the factory with a special sliding plate.

Door hinge for installation in tall units

Along with normal installation, V-ZUG dishwashers are also perfect for installation in tall units: a special door hinge allows the dishwasher door to be slightly raised when opened. This leaves space to swivel the door, and the Adora can therefore be installed with minimum clearance.

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